Call for Papers: 5th School of Social Sciences International Conference, University of Ghana

Starting November 2, 2018 - Ending November 2, 2019 Expired




Date: 3-4 April, 2019

Venue: University of Ghana, Legon



For centuries, Africa has been characterized by poverty, low productivity, wars and political instability. The underdevelopment of the African continent has experienced a turn since the 1990s and Africa is now heralded as the last frontier of global capitalism by businesses, international organizations, governments and academics. The voracious demand for raw materials, markets and partnerships has created favourable conditions for leveraging Africa’s growth and development. The huge investments by China on infrastructure and technological transfer in Africa has created a new competitive urge for the continent. As the continent with the largest reserves of natural resources, Africa has great potential in ensuring a steady sustainable growth within current globalism if the processes of its development are well managed.

The results of these new trends are manifested in renewed economic growth with majority of countries escaping negative growth and a few successful ones making good progress. Social and economic infrastructure has improved especially in road construction, electricity, health and education. Most countries now have democratically elected governments and a free press. Poverty and hunger have declined with the numbers of absolute poor falling over the last few decades, except for the few war-ravaged countries.

Is Africa on the move towards a better future for its people, economy and environment? As social scientists we need to engage with the various discourses and debates of transformation that are both complementary or antagonistic to the new global capitalist project. The notion of Africa on the move serves as a means for social scientists to explore the social, economic, cultural, psychological, political, and environmental dimensions of transformation. What directions should these transformations take to provide decent jobs and broad-based participation of all citizens? What paradigms of development should underpin Africa’s renewed engagement with global capitalism? What modes and potentialities are envisaged? How should Africa recalibrate with the BRICS nations and their agents?

The organizing committee of the 2019 School of Social Sciences International Conference, University of Ghana, invites abstract submissions on topical issues under the following sub-themes:


* Developing Resilience and Adaptive Capacity.

* Education and Development.

* Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship.

* Gender and Social Inequalities.

* Poverty and Environmental Linkages.

* Natural Resources Development.

* Trade, Aid and Economic Development.

* Security and Social Vulnerabilities.

* Attitude, Behaviour and Contemporary Organizations.

* Human Capital and Institutional Building.

* Leadership, Governance and Politics.

* Perspectives on African Futures.

* Climate Change and Development in Africa.

* Mental Health and Human Development.

* Environmental Health and Economic Development.

* Green Economy and Sustainable Development.

* Cultural Transformation and Diversity.

* Information, Innovation and Technological Advancement.

* Social Science Education and the Job Market.

* Contemporary Financial Sector Development.

The above sub-themes are by no means exhaustive; other topics relevant to the theme are welcome. We are especially interested in research that addresses emerging issues related to the central theme. The conference will have plenary, parallel, and poster sessions.

Poster Presentation: Posters are accepted at this conference. Dimensions are 90cm (width) by 200cm (height).

Instructions for Submitting an Abstract You are invited to submit an abstract at the conference website The abstract should not be more than 250 words and should highlight objectives, methodology and findings. Conceptual and theoretical papers will also be accepted.

The submission must also contain the title of the paper, and the name, affiliation, and email address of the author who is making the submission.

Summary of Important Dates

* Submission deadline: Monday, 7th January 2019

* Notice of acceptance of papers: 31st January 2019

Conference Fees

Participant/Presenters Type Early Bird Standard

University of Ghana participants Faculty GH¢150 GH¢200

Students GH¢60 GH¢100

Other Local participants Faculty GH¢150 GH¢200

Students GH¢60 GH¢100

International participants Faculty $150 $200

Students $100 $150

Additional Information

All enquiries should be directed to: or call=233 (0) 556314438