Accreditation of Programmes at the University of Ghana

Starting September 8, 2022 - Ending September 8, 2023


Management of the University of Ghana has noted various media statements in the past week, regarding the status of accreditation of programmes run by the University. These statements are based on the 2020 Auditor-General’s report. 

Management reassures the University community and all our stakeholders that the majority of programmes currently being run at the University, at both undergraduate and graduate level are either fully accredited, or in the process of having their accreditation renewed. The University has been working closely with the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC), to streamline processes in both institutions to ensure that all programmes in the University are restored to good standing within the shortest possible time, and also to rework the structures and procedures for accreditation of programmes. Key developments in this regard are the establishment of a desk in the Office of the Registrar dedicated to accreditation-related matters, as well as continued work towards the automation of accreditation processes.  

We assure our students and former students, as well as all stakeholders that all certificates issued by the University of Ghana remain valid, and we commit to work towards regularizing the accreditation status of all our programmes in the short term, and working towards streamlining and automating the accreditation system in the long term.