FAEN 204: Fluid Mechanics


Introduction: nature of fluids, analysis of fluid behaviour, viscosity, surface tension and capillary effects. Fluid Statics: hydrostatic forces on submerged plane and curved surfaces; buoyancy and stability; Elementary Fluid Dynamics: static, dynamic and total pressure; energy line and hydraulic grade line. Fluid Kinematics: velocity and acceleration fields; control volume and system representations; Reynolds transport theorem. Control Volume Analysis: continuity equation; linear momentum and moment-of-momentum equations; energy equation; irreversible flow. Differential analysis of fluid flow: fluid element kinematics; conservation of mass; conservation of linear momentum; inviscid flow; plane potential flows. Similitude, dimensional analysis, and modeling: dimensional analysis; Buckingham Pi Theorem; common dimensionless groups; modelling and similitude. Flow in pipes: laminar and turbulent flow; fully developed laminar flow; fully developed turbulent flow; dimensional analysis of pipe flow; pipe networks; flowrate measurement. Flow over immersed bodies: drag and lift; friction and pressure drag; flow over flat plates, across cylinders and spheres. Open-channel flow: general characteristics: surface waves; energy considerations; uniform flow; gradually varied flow; rapidly varied flow; flow measurement. Turbo-machines: basic energy and momentum considerations; centrifugal pumps; dimensional parameters and similarity laws; axial-flow and mixed-flow pumps; fans; turbines; compressible flow turbomachines.