FAEN 203: Strength of Materials


Introduction: Basic concepts of material bonding, material structure and material defects.  Properties of Materials: Mechanical properties, thermal properties, electronic and ionic conductivity of materials, dielectric and magnetic properties of materials. Simple stress and strain within elastic limit and thermal stress. Tensile bending and shear bending of beams. Torsion of circular shafts. Torsional stress and strain. Strength of solid and hollow shafts. Theories of failure. Compound stress-strain system (Mohr’s stress and strain circles). Torsion of circular shafts Torsional stress and strain. Fatigue failure and Struts. Beams of small radius of curvature. Springs (helical, spiral and flat), Strain energy method (Castigliano’s theorem). Bending under plastic conditions. Torsion under plastic conditions. Thin walled pressure vessels. Composite shafts