FAEN 106: Applied Electricity


Foundations of electricity: voltage, current, resistance, DC and AC, AC waveforms, magnitude and phase, applications of AC and DC systems. Series and Parallel circuits. Transformers: Principle of operations, transformer types, ratings, considerations for transformer selection. AC Circuits: Single and three-phase systems, voltage levels and frequencies used in Ghana, harmonics in power systems. Power Factor and its calculation and correction in power systems, power in resistive and reactive AC circuits, active power, reactive power, and apparent power. Motors and Controls: Principles of operation of motors, control techniques for motors, motor types and applications. Electricity Generation: Generation sources, Power generation process, transmission and distribution in Ghana. Conductors and Insulators: Power transmission and distribution conductors, sizes, choice of conductor sizes, fuses, insulator break-down. Electrical Safety: Importance of electrical safety, shock current, safe practices, common sources of hazards, safe circuit design and safe meter usage.