FAEN 104: Basic Mechanics II


Branches of dynamics, Rectilinear Motion of Particles: Displacement, velocity, acceleration, uniformly accelerated motion, relative motion, dependent motions, and graphical methods.  Curvilinear Motion of Particles: Displacement, velocity, acceleration, rectangular components, tangential and normal components.  Kinetics of Particles: Newton’s second law of motion, equations of motion. Work, Energy, Power and Efficiency: Work done by a force, springs, kinetic and potential energy, conservation of energy, principle of work and energy, power, efficiency. Impulse and Momentum: Impulse, linear and angular momentum, conservation of momentum, system of particles.  Kinematics of Rigid Bodies. Introduction to Vibration: Undamped free vibration, undamped forced vibration, rotational vibration, energy method, damped free vibration, damped force vibration, electric analogue