FAEN 102: Calculus I


Limits and Continuity of a function of a single variable. Differentiation: Rules of differentiation, chain rule and parametric differentiation, differentiation of  trigonometric functions and their inverses, exponential and logarithmic functions, higher order derivatives, Leibnitz’s rule. Differentiability: Rolle’s Theorem, mean-value theorem, approximate methods of solving equations (graphical and Newton-Raphson methods). Integration and its applications: Area under curve, volumes of solids of revolution. Numerical integration: Trapezium and Simpson’s rules. Vector function of a single variable: Differentiation and integration of vector functions, kinematics of a single particle in motion. Newton’s laws of motion, motion in a straight line and in a plane, projectiles and circular motion, work, energy and power; impulse and momentum, moment of a force, couple, conditions for equilibrium of rigid bodies