AREN 306: Hydrology and Water Resources Management


Components and processes of natural hydrologic systems, Hydrologic cycle, Precipitation and snow melt. Infiltration. Storm frequency and duration analysis. Hydrograph analysis. Frequency and probability with application to precipitation and floods. Evaporation, transpiration and evapo-transpiration. Ground water resources. Pumping tests and water balance studies. Concepts of Water Resources Management: The Water Resources System, Integrated Water Resources Management, Watershed Management, Wetlands and their Management, Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in Ghana, Human Interferences in the Water Resources System, Wetlands and IWRM. Storm water Run-off Management: Uncontrolled Storm Water Runoff, Prevention measures to Address  Storm Water Runoff. Water Demand management: Tools and techniques for demand management. Principles of water conservation, water storage structures. Water harvesting. Embankments and farm ponds. Flood control, open channels and vegetative water ways. Terracing: - functions of terraces, terrace classification, terrace design.

Urban Water Conservation, Concept of Non-Revenue Water, Policy Setting and Advocacy issues, Ghana Water Policy. Tools for Water Resources Systems  Analysis