Partnerships for Research

The Center has partnership with a number of organizations both local and internationally and has undertaken a number research of projects. Among these are:

  • SPWA-Development of trans-frontier conservation area linking forest reserves and protected areas in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire
  • The Center was appointed as the START ( System for Analysis, Research and Training for Global change) African Regional Node for Wetlands and coastal Zone Management
  • Global Mangrove Database and Information System (GLOMIS)
  • Contribution of shallow ground water irrigation to livelihoods security and poverty reduction in White Volta basin: current extent and future sustainability
  • West African Wetland and Water bird Ringing Training course
  • Capacity development for Integrated Water Resources Management
  • Toolkits for the sustainable management of Ghana’s riverine bio diversity
  • Water and Sanitation: challenges and lessons in rapidly urbanizing countries (Commonwealth executive exposure program)
  • Comparative demographics of Sanderlings in Ghana, Mauritania and the Netherlands in partnership with the Royal Netherlands Institution for Sea-Research