AGEC 409: Agricultural Price Analysis &Marketing


The role of prices; demand analysis (theory), focusing on review of consumer behavior, utility maximization, elasticity, substitution & income effects of price changes, Engel curves. Demand analysis (empirical consideration), demand for a typical farm product, formulating demand equations, demand for agricultural inputs. Supply analysis, supply relation in agriculture, estimating supply functions (direct & indirect approaches). Estimation problems, model specification, using cross-section and time-series data, interpreting estimated parameters, statistical tests, and forecasts. Introduction to Futures market. General overview of Agricultural pricing policies in Ghana.


Overview; business, marketing and trade; problems in agricultural marketing and trade, the concept of market, market structure and trade; Group behaviour and pricing (Non-collusive oligopoly models, collusive oligopoly concepts); non-price competition; Critical issues in international trade (the foreign exchange market, tariffs, balance of payments, economic integration)