AGEC 402: Agrifood Business and Agroprocessing


Introduction: the agricultural modernisation goal and agro industrial development.  The current situation of agro industry in Ghana.  A Systems Approach to Agro industrial Analysis: production chain linkages, macro-micro policy linkages, institutional linkages, international linkages. Alternative analytical methodologies: Porter’s value chain approach.  Options in Agri food  Business Organisation: basic concepts in organisational development, integration, differentiation, the co-operative system, outgrower schemes.  Principles of Agro processing: the basic component activities of agro processing (Procurement, processing and marketing).  The governance structure: Food safety and environment issues, laws and institutions in Ghana. Case Studies:- The management marketing and financing strategies in the: Egg Production Business, Chicken meat processing business, Palm Oil Processing business, Fruit Processing business, Grain processing business.