Tamakloe Deborah Dzifah


Country of Origin: Ghana

Dzifah Deborah Tamakloe is an MPhil. Agricultural Economics student from the University of Ghana. She is the Founder and CEO of Charis Touch Foundation, an NGO that seeks to provide support to amputees, the sick, orphans and street children. Dzifah grew up in the Baptist School Complex and Orphanage, BASCO located at the Eastern Region of Ghana. Spearing through life challenges, she has risen to be a writer and a motivational speaker. Dzifah has the passion to reach to the people of the world especially, the less privileged with God’s passion and love.

Deborah has over 3 years’ worth of knowledge and experience, developing and conducting academic, business and non-governmental researches for a variety of industries including The Hunger Project-Ghana, Fairtrade, Charis Touch Foundation, University of Ghana-Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness department.

Deborah is highly conscientious in follow through, planning and organization of new ideas and readily accept new challenges. Deborah demonstrates exceptional communication skills with extensive public speaking presentation experience. Her well-developed capacity to build trusting relationships, enthuse, motivate and encourage collaboration from stakeholders, staff, and management, has proven her to be an invaluable asset to multiple projects. Deborah undoubtedly leads by example and is able to successfully motivate and facilitate an effective training program. Deborah is skilled in bringing developmental projects to life, developing and implementing and providing training to staff with varying levels of need. Deborah excels in implementing projects, development, and delivery of learning interventions, as well as facilitating the learning of others.