Brief History

The Department, created in 1961 under the name Department of Agricultural Economy and Farm Management changed its name to Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness in May 2002. This change of name was necessitated by the global trends in the field of Agricultural Economics and the need to highlight the agribusiness aspects of the academic programmes the Department has ran over the years.

The Department currently offers courses in Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness and Agricultural Administration at the Post-graduate level, Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness at the Undergraduate level and contributes to the running of the Diploma course.

The Department of Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness aspires to be a centre of excellence in research and training in the areas of Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Administration and Agribusiness. It seeks to provide a congenial environment for the training of highly qualified and enterprising agricultural economists, agricultural administrators and agribusiness practitioners for the purposes of training/teaching, research and extension.

The roles and functions of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness within the College  Basic and Applied Sciences include the following:
1.    To provide trained personnel to meet the nation's demand for high level professional manpower in agricultural sciences, agricultural economics, agricultural administration, agribusiness management in research, teaching, advisory work and business management.

2.    To provide extension services to government agencies, multinational agencies, private companies, and private individuals in the fields of agricultural economics, agribusiness and rural development.