Welcome Message

Welcome to the Department of Adult health where emphasis is placed on training polyvalent nursing professionals in the area of medical-surgical nursing. Nursing students are prepared with requisite knowledge and skills at undergraduate and graduate levels. Our department provides diverse opportunities for faculty and student engagements. We also collaborate with clinicians, preceptors and institutions both locally and internationally to ensure quality teaching and learning. The department further facilitates the licensing and registration of undergraduates nurses as registered general nurses with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana.

The Department of Adult Health is primarily oriented towards Adult Nursing. It has a strong focus on Medical-Surgical Nursing which forms the foundation of all nursing programmes. The courses taught by the faculty of the Department are therefore related to Medical-Surgical Nursing with their practical components. In the near future, the department will introduce programme within the sub-specializations within it’s’ domain at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Department in addition to scholarly activities has practical/clinical components every semester. Faculty of Adult Health Department collaborate with those of other Departments of the School of Nursing and Midwifery to run the BSc Nursing programme.

The Department of Adult Health also has both MPhil and MSc students who conduct credible research relevant to Adult Nursing. It is anticipated that nurses continue to explore concepts relevant to their work and we encourage all General Nurses to come study at the Department of Adult Health to move Medical-Surgical Nursing to a higher pedestal.

I therefore warmly welcome all of you to this broad based Department where faculty are ready to mentor and collaborate with the multidisciplinary team to investigate issues of concern to Nursing care. I am confident that together we can raise the image of nursing and improve patient care outcomes.

Dr. Kwadwo Ameyaw Korsah
Department of Adult Health
School of Nursing and Midwifery
College of Health Sciences
University of Ghana