THEA 602 (General Core): Ghanaian Drama and Theatre

This course covers Ghanaian...

THEA 601(General Core): Theatre Research

This course, to be handled by a team of select faculty, will consider the possibilities and limitations of various quantitative
and qualitative methods of theatre research, summarise some research examples and discuss the issues raised by each, in...

HEA 624 (APPLIED THEATRE) Drama in Education

This course is an exploration of improvised drama as a teaching method and a means of learning for basic school children.
It covers the...

THEA 629 (GENERAL ELECTIVE): African and Diaspora Film

The course offers a thoughtful inquiry into the intricate modes of production and relationships of African and Diaspora films.
The moralist, the commercial, the cultural, the ‘self-expression,’ and the ‘narcissistic intellectual...