ACTU 403: Elements of Life Insurance


To instill the ability, in simple situations, to use judgment and apply the principles of actuarial planning and control needed for the operation on sound financial lines of providers of life insurance. Principal terms; The main contract types; The principles of life insurance markets; Data requirements and verification; Product pricing; Reserving; Surrender values; Policy alterations; Derivation of actuarial assumptions; Measurement and analysis of surplus; Methods of distributing surplus to policyholders; Principles of investment and asset-liability modeling; Principles of regulation and accounting; Risk and uncertainty in life insurance business; Principles of risk management including reinsurance; Life insurance regulations, including: Taxation, Accounting, Supervisory regulation; Experience rating; Future financial requirements including dynamic financial analysis; Value of a life company; Evaluation of the capital requirements of a life insurer for the purpose of determining the strategy for growth in business.