STAT 333: Statistical Methods I (Pre-req. STAT 224)

The first part of a two-semester Course providing a systematic development of the principles and methods of statistical inference, on a largely intuitive basis, with a minimum of mathematical theory. This part deals with the general nature of Statistical...

STAT 332: Multivariate Distributions (Pre-req. STAT 331)

Introduction to Vector Random Variables. Distribution Concepts for Several random variables. Transformations of random vectors. Order Statistics. The multivariate Normal Distribution.

STAT 331: Probability Distributions (Pre-req. STAT 221, 224)

Elementary Distribution Theory. Generating Functions. Sequences of random variables; the Central Limit Theorem and its applications.

STAT 226: Official Statistics

Purposes and Scope of Official Statistics. Structure and Work of the National Statistical System. Organisational, Methods and Practices of data collection and dissemination.

STAT 224: Introductory Probability II (Pre-Req. STAT 221)

Bivariate Distributions. Moment Generating Functions; their properties and uses. Sampling distributions. Distributions associated with samples from a Normal population. The Weak Law of Large Numbers and the Central Limit Theorem. Applications.

STAT 223: Elementary Statistical Methods

Bivariate Data Analysis. Time Series and Elements of statistical inference.

STAT 222: Data Analysis I (Pre-Req. STAT 223)

The aim of this course is to give students practice in handling Large data Sets; specifically to provide opportunities for Descriptive and Exploratory Studies.

STAT 221: Introductory Probability I (Pre-req. MATH 121, 122)

Introduction to the concepts of probability, Random Events, and Random Variables. The Probability Calculus, Univariate probability distributions.

STAT 112: Elementary Probability

Introduction to basic concepts of Probability, Random event and Random ariables. Probability Calculus and some univariate probability distributions.

STAT 111: Introduction to Statistics

Introduction to Statistics. The reduction and interpretation of data.