STAT 458: Economic and Social Statistics II (Pre-req. STAT 447)

Introduction to the System of National Accounts (SNA). The System, its Accounts and their corresponding economic activities. Input-Output Tables. Social Accounting. corresponding economic activities. Input-Output Tables. Social Accounting.

STAT 457: Economic and Social Statistics I (Pre-req. STAT 226)

Statistics on Economic and Social Activities and Trends, and their uses. Methods and Sources of Data Collection. Indices and Indicators of Economic Activity. Indicators of Social Development and Living Standard.

STAT 456 : Actuarial Statistics II (Pre-req. STAT 455, Recommended STAT 453)

Principles of simple life insurance and annuity contracts. Means and variances of payment under these contracts. Determination of expected present value and variances of benefits. Determination of net premiums and net premium policy values. Survival models.

STAT 455: Actuarial Statistics I (Financial Statistics) (Pre-req. STAT 331)

Principles of time value of money. Concepts of Compound Interest and Discounting. Interest or Discount Rates. Compound Interest Functions. Investment Projects appraisals. Stochastic Interest Rate Models.

STAT 454: Biometrics (Pre-req. STAT 331)

Biological assay, Analysis of quantal responses. Agricultural and Clinical Trials. Sampling and Estimation of Biological Populations.

STAT 453: Population Statistics

Demographic Concepts and Measures. Collection and Evaluation of demographic data. Analysis of Demographic data. The Dynamics of Population change.

STAT 451: Introduction to Stochastic Processes (Pre-req. STAT 331)

Stochastic models in the natural and social sciences. Some discrete and continuous time processes. Basic theory and Applications.

STAT 450: Project

This is a yearlong project. Student presents a project on a topical issue in Statistics using tools acquired over the period to solve statistical problems.

STAT 448: Analysis of Experimental Designs (Pre-req. STAT 336)

Model specialization for single-factor and multi-factor designs. Main effects, specific effects and interactions. Estimation. Multiple Comparisons. Analysis of covariance.

STAT 447: Non-Parametric Statistics (Pre-req. STAT 333, 304)

Some Single Sample problems; the problem of location, The Sign Test, The Wilcoxon Signed Ranks test. Some Two-Sample Problems: The Chi-Square Test for Homogeneity, The Median Test, The Mann-Whitney-Wilcoxon Test. Chi-Square Tests of Independence. Some Users...