STAT 446: Multivariate Methods (Pre-req. STAT 332)

Introduction to theory and methods of Multivariate Data Analysis; Estimation and Tests of Hypotheses, Profile Analysis, Multivariate Structure, Discriminant Analysis.

STAT 445: Regression Analysis (Pre-req. STAT 334)

The methods of regression analysis extended to situations involving more than one predictor variable. Special emphasis on problems associated with the presence of several predictors.

STAT 444: Survey Organization and Management (Pre-req. STAT 335)

Multi-subject and specialized Socio-Economic Surveys. Household Survey. Planning, Design and Organization. Error Control. Problems relating to Concepts, Definitions, Classification and Measurement.

STAT 443: Theory of Sampling (Pre-req. STAT 224)

Analysis and comparison of various sampling schemes. Optimal designs.

STAT 442: Statistical Inference: Tests of Hypotheses (Pre-req. STAT 331, 334)

The Theory of Hypothesis Testing. Optimal tests. Uniformly Most Powerful Test. Likelihood Ratio and related procedures.

STAT 441: Statistical Inference: Estimation (Pre-req. STAT 331, 333)

The Theoretical basis of the methods of Point and Interval Estimation. Uniformly Minimum Variance Unbiased (UMVU) Estimation, and Maximum Likelihood Estimation.

STAT 440: Data Analysis II (Pre-req. STAT 222, 233)

Summary Statistics for Multivariate Data. Data Presentation and Report Writing. Random Sample Selection. Discrete Analysis. Fitting and Testing Probability Models. Regression and Curve Fitting. Analysis of Experimental Data.

STAT 336: Design of Experiments (Pre-req. STAT 223)

Basic concepts and principles of experimental Statistics. Analysis of Variance for standard experimental designs. The estimation of treatment Effects.

STAT 335: Sample Survey Methods

Basic Sample Survey procedures and Sample Designs. Estimation of population parameters. Sampling and Non-Sampling Errors.

STAT 334: Statistical Methods II (Pre-req. STAT 333)

Sequel to STAT 333. General Principles and Procedures of Hypothesis Testing. Parametric and Non-parametric Tests. Simple Linear Regression and Correlation Analysis. The Analysis of Frequency Data.