I write as the Director of Sports of the University of Ghana (UG), to welcome you together with my team, as both a visitor to and reader of this website. Forthwith, I initiated the idea and design of this website as the UG Sports Directorate’s mouthpiece to communicate, share and reach-out to students and other members of UG community and beyond. In this light, the website will endeavour to host all sporting and recreational activities, as well as programmes and initiatives of the Directorate and thereby advancing the mission of The Sports Directorate;

                             “to enhance the fitness, health, well-being and holistic development
                             of students, staff and the University Community, through participation
                                in worthwhile sporting and recreational activities, and endeavour
                          to become the leader for change in the academic discipline and profession
                                         of Sports, in partnership with relevant stakeholders”

The Sports Directorate will accordingly, encourage students, staff and all members of the UG fraternity and beyond to heftily patronise this website for information regarding UG sporting and recreational programmes and activities. The website will also serve as a podium to host all your views and concerns. These form part of the Sports Directorate’s contribution towards the mission of the University of Ghana which is “To develop world-class human resources and capabilities to meet national development needs and global challenges through quality teaching, learning, research and knowledge dissemination”.

While I warmly welcome you to this maiden website, please note that, the UG Sports Directorate website is linked to the main University of Ghana website and designed to meet the requirements of the University of Ghana. Thus, the Sports Directorate will remove comments and photos that are libellous, profane, disparaging, threatening, fraudulent, deceptive, sexually harassing etc.

Endeavour, therefore to recommend the UG Sports Directorate website to all your friends of UG and beyond. Thank you for your contribution and regular patronage.
My foremost gratitude goes to the University of Ghana Computing System (UGCS) and the IT Team of the Sports Directorate who worked timelessly to realise this dream.
Thank you.

UG Sports Website: A platform on UG sporting and recreational experiences!!!

(Director, Sports Directorate)