SREL 403-The Comparative Study of Religions

Treatment of themes in Religions comparatively in order to uncover universal conceptual patterns of religiosity and how these are expressed contextually in different Faiths. Treatment of such themes as conceptions and categories of Ultimate reality; the...

SREL 399:Introduction to the Synoptic Gospels

The issue of the authorship of the Synoptic Gospels, their dating, place of writing, background, addressees and purpose. The Synoptic Problem. The contents, concerns and main theological themes of these gospels.

SREL 396:Arabic II (pre-req.: SREL 375; Unavailable to students of Arabic)

Lessons in Grammar. Selected long passages from both the Qur’an and the Hadith. Local and foreign drama and novels on religious topics. 

SREL 395:African Traditional Ethics

Diversity and uniformity of Values in Traditional African Societies. The moral standard. Survey of moral ideals and practices in African societies. Virtues and Vices. Critical study of methods of moral education and enforcement of morality. The place of...

SREL 393:Gender Issues in Religion and Culture

Definition of religion, gender and culture and how these are related. Theoretical and methodological issues; critique and deconstruction of religious traditions, beliefs and practices with regard to gender; reconstructing images of gender and power...

SREL 392:Contemporary Ethical and Moral Issues

The theological, ethical and moral dimensions of some contemporary social issues and problems. Issues will be taken from the fields of medicine, politics, family life, culture, business, etc.

SREL 391:Religion in Ghana

The role of Religion in traditional Ghanaian societies; the role of Religion in modern Ghanaian society; Religious revitalization and social change; Religious diversity, tension and conflicts; Civil religion.

SREL 389:The Life of Muhammad

Arabia in the age of Jahiliyya. Arabia’s relationship with Persian, Byzantine and Abyssinian empires. Early life of Muhammad. Call to prophethood. Muhammad at Mecca. Muhammad at Medina. Death of Muhammad. The Prophet Muhammad in the writings of the...

SREL 388:Philosophy Set Texts

Historical and critical study of selected texts from major philosophers and theologians – preChristian, non-religious, anti-religious, Christian and Islamic; and from the classical, medieval, modern and contemporary periods. Philosophers to be studied...

SREL 386:New Religious Movements

Theories of origins, and typologies. Attraction. International and local influence in Ghana. Detailed study of selected International Movements, e.g., Nichiren Shoshu, ISKCON, Eckankar, etc., and local/ indigenous Movements, e.g., Afrikania Mission,...