The first was the Consortium for Development Partnerships (CDP) with CODESRIA in Dakar and the Programme of African Studies, Northwestern University,USA. The second, with the theme “Local Conflicts” had the Universities of Ibadan in Nigeria, Ougadougou in Burkina Faso and the African Studies Centre, Leiden, Holland, as partners. The Department continues to make enormous contributions to society by way of promotion of research, teaching and publication as well as extension services.

Individual research activities encompassed several areas. The focal point during the year under review was on land and some Senior Members in collaboration with ISSER, carried out extensive research on land. Others were involved in other research activities involving areas such as governance, human rights, elections, ministerial reshuffles, the military in politics, civil society, decentralization, conflict, foreign policy, corruption, gender, the environment, leadership styles in Ghana and other African countries, institutional reforms and policy outcomes, state capacity, co-production of services between state and non-state actors, taxation in the informal sector, reforming the African public services, popular participation in local governance, and challenges to chieftaincy in the 21st Century, and globalization and Africa.

Senior Members of the Department continue to provide valuable extension services with the Armed Forces College being a major beneficiary by way of lectures on various topical issues in Ghana and the world. There were occasions when some colleagues also made presentations at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre.