Prof. Lauren Lieberman

Distinguished Service Professor Lauren Lieberman, Ph.D.

Dr. Lauren Lieberman is a 1996 graduate of Oregon State in the Movement Studies in Disabilities Program.

Dr. Lieberman is currently a Distinguished Service Professor at The College at Brockport in the area of Adapted Physical Education. Prior to graduate school, she taught at the Perkins School for the Blind in the Deafblind program for five years.

In addition to this, Dr. Lieberman founded and currently runs Camp Abilities, an educational sports camp for children with visual impairments, each summer in Brockport, NY. She has helped start nineteen Camp Abilities programs in the United States and six others in foreign countries and counting.

Dr. Lieberman’s areas of research include Inclusion Strategies as well as Physical Activity for Youth with Sensory Impairments. She has published more than 125 articles in referenced journals and given more than 130 presentations in twenty-four different countries.

To date, Dr. Lieberman has published eighteen books, and these are listed here.

Dr. Lieberman is currently on the board of the United States Association for Blind Athletes, the editorial boards of the Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly, The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, and Palaestra. Previously, she was the chair of the Adapted Physical Activity Council. She recently won Professional of the Year from The Adapted Physical Activity Council, The Hollis Fait Research Award from the National Consortium for Adapted Physical Education, and an Access Award from The American Foundation of the Blind for starting the program Camp Abilities.

In 2012, she, along with Dr. Pamela Beach, founded The Institute of Movement Studies for Individuals with Visual Impairments and she recently helped starta Camp Abilities in Latvia.



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