Dr. Richmond Nii Okai Aryeetey

Richmond Aryeetey is a public Health nutrition scientist with interest in infant and young child feeding as well as food systems and how they interact with other environmental and policy determinants of dietary intake and NCDs in urban populations. Other relevant areas of research include physical activity environments and the factors that motivates people to engage in physical activity. Richmond’s previous research activities include mapping of various food and physical activity environments including school food environments, as well as food available in health care facility settings. Richmond has worked with the University of Ghana since 2007 when he joined the School of Public Health. He is currently leading a multi-site project with Yale University that is mapping determinants of scaling up national breastfeeding program implementation. He is also a co-chair of the Evidence-Informed Decision-making in Nutrition and Health Network championing the use of evidence for Decision making in Nutrition program Scale up.

Dr Richmond Aryeetey has worked in Ghana as a researcher in maternal and child health for the last 13 years. His expertise spans Primary research skills, Formative research, and Monitoring and Evaluation, Training and Facilitation. In the last 5 years, he has evaluated programs for Plan Ghana, Ghana Health Services, PATH, and UNICEF. He worked collaboratively with a multidisciplinary team which tested and has reported the positive impact of microfinance with education on mothers’ income generation and health seeking across the three main ecological zones of Ghana. Dr Aryeetey’s current research projects include mapping of social determinants of sub-optimal use of pregnancy and delivery interventions by women in urban Accra, food insecurity of HIV-infected adults, and piloting of eHealth applications in the context of health research capacity building. 

Research Interests

  • Ecological and household level support for improving infant and young child feeding
  • Community-based interventions for food and nutrition security
  • Ecological determinants of overweight and nutrition-related NCDs
  • Physical activity & nutritional status assessments across the life-cycle

Selected Publications

  • Aryeetey R, Boateng L, Sackey D. State of dietetics practice in Ghana: A nation-wide situational analysis. Ghana Medical Journal 2014. 48 (4):219-224.
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Book Chapter

Laar A and Aryeetey R. Nutrition of Women and Children: Focus on Ghana and HIV/AIDS. In Stein N. Public Health Nutrition: Principles and Practice in Community and Global Health. Burlington, Massachusetts. Jones and Bartlett Learning, 2014.