Call for Symposium Abstracts


The Conference Organizing Committee invites authors to submit proposals for symposium to be hosted during the conference. Each symposium will run for one and a half hours and should be in line with the conference tracks listed below:

  1. Physical Activity, Sport and Health Provision, Delivery & Quality for Differently Abled Learners
  2. Inclusive Practices in Physical Activity and Sport
  3. Gender and Equity in Physical Activity and Sport
  4. Technological Enhancements in Physical Activity, Sport and Health
  5. Innovative Pedagogical Practices in Physical Activity and Sport
  6. Innovative Practices in Physical Activity and Sport
  7. Curriculum and Inclusion
  8. Fostering Literacy and Numeracy through Physical Activity and Sport
  9. Critical Discourses of Physical Activity, Sport and Health for Development in Africa
  10. Strategies for Monitoring and Surveillance in Physical Activity, Sport and Nutrition
  11. Physical Activity and Sport Policy and Inclusion
  12. Entrepreneurship in Physical Activity and Sport
  13. Access and Equity in Physical Activity and Sport
  14. Injury Management and Prevention in Physical Activity and Sport
  15. Physical Activity and the Environment
  16. Adapted Physical Activity and Camp Abilities
  17. Physical Activity, Nutrition and Health

Symposium proposals are encouraged to address the conference theme, “Physical Activity and Sports for Health and Development in Africa (PASHDA),” if appropriate, but doing so is not mandatory. Any timely and coherent subject of broad interest in the healthy active living realm will be considered. We also welcome proposals that explore interdisciplinary connections with area of healthy living and sports excellence. Each symposium will begin with a short introduction given by the symposium Chair. Symposia should include at least 4 invited speakers, each giving talks of not more than 20 minutes (plus 10 minutes for questions). We recommend that the participation of these invited speakers is confirmed prior to the submission of the proposal to avoid speaker overlap in multiple proposals. 
The Symposium proposals must include the following information to be considered:

  1. Symposium Title 
  2. Names and affiliations of the symposium organizers 
  3. A 2-3 paragraph synopsis of the symposium theme/idea 
  4. Names, affiliations and tentative talk titles for 4 speakers 
  5. Suggestions for external sponsors. Please indicate if potential sponsors have been contacted



  • Abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee
  • Acceptance of an Abstract will be based on the criteria outlined above.
  • The Scientific Committee reserves the right to accept or reject an abstract.
  • Notification of accepted abstracts will be sent to the authors on or before 30 July 2018
  • Presentation schedule and presentation guidelines (oral, poster, exhibition or symposia) will be available on or before 31 July 2018.