School of Public Health Wins $1.7million Grant

The School of Public Health (SPH) has won a $1.7million grant for the implementation of the Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (WHO/TDR) Postgraduate Training Scheme.

The researchers leading this Scheme are Prof. Phyllis Dako-Gyeke (Principal Investigator (PI) with Dr. Franklin Glozah, Dr. Emmanuel Asampong and Dr. Philip Tabong, all of the Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences, School of Public Health as Co PIs,  with administrative support from the School Administrator, Mr. Joseph Aidoo.

The Scheme, which will be run for five years (2022/2023 – 2026/2027 academic years) and implemented by the School of Public Health in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, will provide scholarships (both tuition and living expenses) to 14 students to pursue a Master of Public Health (MPH) programme or a Master of Science in Applied Health Social Science (MSc. AHSS) with a focus on implementation research. The first batch of students to benefit from the grant will be welcomed during the 2022/2023 academic year.

The Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences, at the School of Public Health has led the integration of Implementation Research (IR) into the MPH curriculum since the 2006/2007 academic year. In 2014, SPH Health was selected to host the African Regional Training Centre (ARTC) in the WHO Afro-Region with support from WHO/TDR. With the demonstrated expertise in IR course development, delivery, and dissemination, SPH was among a few institutions, selected and mandated to run the WHO/TDR Postgraduate Training Scheme - Phase 1 (2015- 2019) across Low-Middle Income Countries. During the first Phase, SPH trained 50 students in MPH, 46 MScs (46) and 4 PhDs from over 15 African Countries.