Prof. Augustin Fosu Receives Elsevier Atlas Award

Prof. Augustin Fosu’s article,  “Growth, inequality, and poverty reduction in developing countries: Recent global evidence” been selected from thousands of recently published articles to be awarded the Elsevier Atlas.   

Prof. Fosu, a Professor at the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research, University of Ghana was published in the journal Research in Economics 

Each month a single Atlas article is selected from published research from across Elsevier’s 1,800 journals by an external advisory board made up of individuals from NGOs including the following organizations, among several others:


- Benevolent Organisation for Development, Health and Insight    (BODHI)

- Health Informational for all – HIFA

- International Training and Outreach Center in Africa (ITOCA)

- University of California, Berkeley (Centre for Effective Global Action)

- Health & Global Policy Institute

- United Nations University



Atlas articles showcase research that can (or already has) significantly impact people’s lives around the world.  Articles are hosted prominently on which is visited by almost three million people each month. 

Prof. Fosu’s article will be made freely available on ScienceDirect (Elsevier’s full-text article database) to ensure it is accessible to all.   In addition, Elsevier has expressed the desire to commission a journalist to write a summary to help readers around the world digest the social impact of his article and to conduct a question and answer session with him about his research.

While congratulating Prof. Fosu and thanking him on his contribution to science and society, V. Prada López, Associate Publisher, Atlas Program Manager, has indicated that Elsevier will be delighted to present him with the Atlas trophy in person.

A great achievement not only for Prof. Augustin Fosu, but also for the Institute of Statistical Social and Economic Research, and University of Ghana


Hearty Congratulations, Prof. Augustin Fosu, for making the University of Ghana proud.