FUSSAG Legon Women’s Committee Holds Annual Health and Fitness Day

Members going through an Aerobics Session

The Legon Branch of the Federation of Universities Senior Staff Association of Ghana (FUSSAG) women’s committee has held its annual health and fitness day at the Athletic Oval on Friday, September 29, 2017. The event which was on the theme, “Be Bold, Beautiful and Healthy” was preceded by an aerobic session.

Staff present went through health screening to check for Prostate, Glucose, Blood pressure and Body Mass Index.

Dr. Frederick Vuvor, Lecturer at the Department of Nutrition and Food Science of the School of Biological Sciences enlightened participants on risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis and preventive measures of Prostate and Breast cancer. According to him every prostate gland begins to enlarge after 40 years in men which could develop into cancer. Beside age, overweight  and family history, he said, are other risk factors of prostate cancer.

Dr. Vuvor advised participants to reduce the daily intake of red meat, milk and alcohol and instead increase the intake of fresh tomatoes, fruits, vegetables and any zinc-rich foods to enhance their health. He also cautioned women to examine their breasts regularly and report any abnormalities at the hospital.

The Chief Executive Officer of Paba Cosmetics, Mrs. Felicia Sarpong took her turn to inspire participants especially women on the need to support one another. She entreated women to break out from the old adage of women being their own nemesis and lift others to equally rise to the top.

She further encouraged them to be bold and stand up for their rights while believing in themselves that they can also strive in male dominated environments since equal opportunities are available to both gender. Mrs. Sarpong was however quick to caution against abuse of their power at top-notch levels.

Ms. Yvonne Taylor, a professional make-up artist of Paba Cosmetics educated participants on best ways to apply make-up and preserve their make-up products.

In attendance was Nana Asamoah, FUSSAG Chairman, Mr. Jacob Eshun, General Secretary of FUSSAG, GBC Ladies Association and Mrs. Joyce Duah, Women Committee Chairman and hostess of the event.


Members undergoing Health Screening