Educational Pathways International (EPI) Awards 9 Students Scholarships

The Dean of Students Affairs, Professor Francis Nunoo, Mrs. Sara LaFrance, President of EPI and her husband Mr. Leonard LaFrance with some students in a group picture

The Dean of Students Affairs, Professor Francis Nunoo has received, on behalf of the University, two officials from Educational Pathways International (EPI), Mrs. Sara LaFrance, President of EPI and her husband Mr. Leonard LaFrance. The two officials were in the University to interview and administer EPI scholarships to students of the University of Ghana who have applied for financial assistance and have been shortlisted.

Prof. Nunoo in welcoming them, expressed appreciation on behalf of the University to the benefactors for their continuous support in the area of education. He noted that the University would do its best to ensure that the partnership between EPI and the University is further strengthened for mutual benefit.   

Mrs. Sara LaFrance, President of EPI in her remarks expressed appreciation to the University for its support in identifying and selecting qualified students for the programme for the past 10 years.  She noted that, 81 students applied for the scholarship but were shortlisted to 37. This was evaluated by the Standing Board, and further streamlined to 16 students. She disclosed that 9 students were selected out of the 16 who went through the final selection interview. Mrs. Lafrance, while congratulating the 9 new beneficiaries, welcomed them officially into the EPI family.

Mrs. LaFrance also revealed that the graduating students under the EPI scholarship have formed alumni association and that their aim was not only to keep in touch with one another, but also take on humanitarian projects in the society.

As a way of encouraging the beneficiary students, she disclosed that, EPI alumni are gainfully employed and working towards graduate degrees.

The Head of the Students Financial Aid Office (SFAO), Mrs. Christine Banning whose office is responsible for the management and disbursement of the funds to students, noted that this year students benefiting from the scholarship were maintained because none of them fell below the required grade point.

The Director of Public Affairs Directorate, Mrs. Stella A. Amoa a Board Member, conveyed her gratitude to the benefactors for instilling in the students the joy of hard work and for the inspiring relationship they have built with the students. She further acknowledged how positively they have imparted the lives of the beneficiaries as she noted that some would not have gotten to the level they are now had it not been for the scholarship.

Mrs. Amoa also advised both the new and continuing beneficiary students to unearth their gifts and maximize their potentials in order to make their benefactors proud.

The beneficiaries expressed their heartfelt appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. Leonard LaFrance for their continuous support and pledge their commitment to make them proud.  They also presented a citation of honour to them.

In attendance also was Madam Eunice Adjoa Eghan, Programmes Director of EPI.

Educational Pathways International recognises, supports and empowers gifted young people from families of need in Ghana through a comprehensive University Scholarship programme, enabling them to develop their talents and make a positive difference in their country.