39 UG Students with Disabilities Receive Book Grants to Support their Studies

One of the beneficiaries receiving her award

Kimathi and Partners have awarded book grants to 39 level 100 students of the University of Ghana living with disabilities to assist them in their studies. The grants were presented during a brief ceremony at the Office of Students with Special Needs.

Mr. Kimathi Kuenyehia, Chief Executive Officer of Kimathi and Partners, established this grant to cover the cost of textbooks and other reading materials for beneficiaries throughout their university education.  According to Mr. Kuenyehia, the decision to establish the grant was motivated by his experience as a guest speaker at one of the 2016 Bachelor of Arts congregation ceremonies.

Mr. Kimathi Kuenyehia, Chief Executive Officer of Kimathi and Partners

Mr. Sefakor Kuenyehia, a lawyer at Kimathi & Partners, stated that the annual support provided by Kimathi and Partners since 2016 reflects their recognition that individuals with disabilities are an integral part of our community and deserve care. He assured the students that Kimathi & Partners is fully committed to its mission and will not abandon it halfway.

Mr. Kuenyehia commended the students for their achievements, stressing that gaining admission into the University of Ghana is a significant achievement that should serve as a foundation for future success. "Never doubt yourself; your admission to the University should be the basis for attaining higher status, he noted.”

At the ceremony, Dr. Efua Mantey, Coordinator for the Office of Students with Special Needs (OSSN), warmly welcomed the participants and expressed her deep gratitude to Kimathi and Partners for their annual support since 2016. She emphasized that the 2023 Kimathi and Partners Book grant was special since it was not exclusively for visually impaired level 100 students, but for all level 100 students living with disabilities.

Dr. Mantey commended Kimathi and Partners for their consistent commitment to promoting inclusion in higher education and thanked them for their unwavering support over the years.

In his address, Professor Isaac Asante, former Coordinator of OSSN, expressed his gratitude to Kimathi and Partners for their support. He noted that the University of Ghana stands out in providing resources for students living with disabilities.

Professor Asante encouraged the students not to let their disabilities limit them and reminded them that they have what it takes to succeed.

He further encouraged the students to build confidence by interacting with their peers in their rooms, at lectures and not to be embarrased about their disabilities. "On this note, I would encourage all of you to study and study hard," he added.

At the end of the event, Mr. Benjamin Agyepong, President of the University of Ghana Disability Association, presented a citation to Kimathi and Partners, in recognition for their unwavering commitment and support over the years.

The event was attended by students and staff from the Office of the Students with Special Needs (OSSN) and staff from Kimathi and Partners.