MUSC 623 (Elective): Aesthetics and Music Criticism

A survey of main forms of aesthetic thought and criticism in Western music from Greek times to the present. Selected readings and seminar papers on prescribed topics of interest.

MUSC 620 (Core): Seminar II

For year 2, each student will make a presentation soon after the Year I examinations on his/her Thesis Research Proposal and also present a progress report midway into the second semester. These will be assessed for 3 credits.

MUSC 619 (Elective): African Popular Music II

Popular music of Ghana; comparisons with the popular music of other areas of Africa; Theoretical models; Relationships to traditional, neo-traditional and Black diasporic music - as well as new technologies. This is a student research oriented course.

MUSC 618 (Elective): African Musicology

A systematic introduction to bibliographical study of relevant literature on theories of African music.

MUSC 616 (Elective): Graduate Recitals

Solo public recital by audition only and with department approval.

MUSC 612 (Core): Practicals

MUSC 611 (Core): Practicals

MUSC 610 (Core): Seminar I

In year 1, each student in a Department or Programme is expected to attend all seminars specified and make his/her own presentation on selected topics to an audience. Each student  will be expected to make at least one oral presentation to be assessed...

MUSC 602 (Core): Theories and Methods in Ethnomusicology II

Field and laboratory techniques. Main theories of ethnomusicological analysis: approaches by Hornbostel, Herzog, Curt Sachs, Lomax, Bartok, and others. Historical and systematic approaches in ethnomusicology.  Selected readings.

MUSC 601 (Core): Theories and Methods in Ethnomusicology I

Introduction to the main branches of Musicology: historical, systematic, and ethnomusicology. Research methods and bibliography in ethnomusicology;. readings covering main theories and methods.  Important types of music information technology and...