MUSC 639 (Elective): Music Of The Medieval And Renaissance Periods

Focus on musical styles and forms from the Gregorian chant to polyphony. Medieval and mensural notation, tablatures, emergence of modern systems of notation.

MUSC 637 (Elective): Transcription And Analysis

Transcription and analytical techniques of African music.  Problems of notation in African music.

MUSC 636 (Elective): Special Topics

MUSC 635 (Elective): Special Topics

MUSC 634 (Elecive): Directed Study

MUSC 633 (Elective): Directed Study

Individual research project pertaining to the principal area of concentration. (Under the guidance of staff).

MUSC 628 (Elective): Music Theory and Composition II

Compositional procedures in African Music. Conventions evident in traditional African vocal and instrumental music and the different ways in which they are applied in the creative practice of traditional musicians.

MUSC 627 (Elective): Music Theory AND Composition I

New Systems of musical theory; Chord and harmonic generation and other theoretical approaches.

MUSC 626 (Elective): Sociology of Music

A review of the relationship between music, music-makers and society as exemplified in the social history of Western music from the Greek times to the present. An in-depth study of the  musical life of a society within a given period in western music...

MUSC 624 (Elective): Area Studies III

The ethnography, instruments and musical styles of Indonesia, the Far East, the Caribbean and other areas of the Diaspora.