Welcome by Head of Department


You are welcome to the Department of Music, located within the School of Performing Arts (COH). The department was established in the early 1960s to provide core courses for diploma, bachelors and post-graduate degrees. Currently, the department runs three undergraduate programmes: A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree which has a strong practical component, Bachelor of Arts degree which is more conceptual, and a Bachelor of Music degree designed for students who major in music and has a strong practical and conceptual orientation. These programmes seek to broaden students’ understanding of music as a creative and performative art and also as a product of society. At the graduate level, we offer two programmes: Ethnomusicology, and theory and composition. Our curriculum is structured in such a way that it provides professional and academic directions for students across the globe. The department has the following facilities:  two music studios (one donated by a Fulbright Scholar), a well-stocked music library, a piano lab, and a seminar room. There is also a large collection of Ghanaian/African instruments (drums, xylophones, atenteben, seperewa) for practical instructions and for ensembles such as the Pop band, choral, atenteben, string, and African ensemble. Our graduates have gained employment in a variety of places such as mass media, music studios, performing troupes, tourism industry, educational and religious institutions as well as self-employed entrepreneurs, artists and teachers.
You can send us an email at musicdeptspa@ug.edu.gh or walk-in during working hours of 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday for enquiries at the department’s main office at the Department of Music, School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana, Legon.

Head of Department