Brief History

As part of the efforts to Africanize the University of Ghana after independence, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah (first president of the state) mooted the idea of the establishment of the Institute of African Studies. An important arm of the above institute is the School of Music, Drama and Dance. Thus, the Music Department became a complimentary unit of the institute in the 1960s. Other key persons involved in the creation and establishment of the institute, and by extension the music department are: Dr. Busia, Thomas Hodkin, Prof. J.H.K Nketia, Nana Nketia, Mawere Opoku and Joe D’graft.

Dr. Busia created a research fellowship program in the Institute of African Studies. This program involved Music, Drama and Dance. Thomas Hodkin was the first director of the above institute. Prof. J.H.K Nketia was the first Deputy Director of the institute of African studies, and first Director of the then School of Music, Drama and Dance, Nana Nketia who later became Vice Chancellor and provided a grant for the construction of a theatre. Prof. Mawere Opoku supervised the building of the music department, where it used to be situated. That is near the institute, Joe D’graft became the first Director of the newly named School of Performing Arts after the school of Music, Drama and Dance had been made autonomous from the Institute of African Studies. Prof. Atta Annan Mensah, Dr. Ephraim Amu were the earliest recruits (Human Resources, lecturers) who taught in the Music Department.