Brief History

The Department of Mathematics was started in 1948 at the Achimota campus of the then University College of the Gold Coast. The department moved to the Legon campus in 1960. Right from its inception, the department offered courses in three broad areas, namely Pure Mathematics, Mathematical Physics and Statistics. 
In the 1980’s, a separate department of Statistics was created thus ending the Statistics component in the Department of Mathematics. 
Mathematics is a critical skill which enables scientific and technological innovation and is elemental to all forms of commerce. Over the past two centuries, most of the great innovations that have changed the way people live were enabled by Mathematics and our dependence on Mathematics continues to increase. 

The wide range of courses offered in the undergraduate programme and the logical, analytic, and computational skills acquired, enable the Mathematics graduate to pursue careers in diverse fields such as Education (secondary and tertiary levels), the Military and Police Services, Business, Finance, Industry and the Civil / Public Service.