MASC 414: Population Genetics of Marine Organisms

Maintenance of genetic diversity (evidence of balancing selection in heterogeneous environment, genetic polymorphisms), speciation (Genetic basis of prezygotic and postzygotic isolation), temporal variation and cohort analysis, genetic patchiness,...

MASC 413: Marine Benthic Ecology

Basic concepts in benthic ecology. Morphology of major benthic groups. Larval ecology of benthic organisms. Marine benthic community structure. Disturbance, colonization and succession. Feeding ecology of benthic organisms. Adaptive mechanisms in benthic...

MASC 411: Marine Plankton Ecology

Taxonomy and systematic of phytoplankton and zooplankton. Adaptation to pelagic life. Survey techniques. Sampling preservation and enumeration. Nutrition, reproduction and growth. Physiological processes. Vertical migration and distributions. Succession and...

MASC 402: Marine Pollution

Definition of pollution. Sources and nature of marine pollution-oil pollution, radioactive and thermal waste, ocean dumping, domestic, industrial and agricultural waste, marine debris, beach fouling, etc. Eutrophication. Organic pollutants. Impacts on...

MASC 400: Project

A supervised individual investigation in oceanography

MASC 329: Behaviour of Aquatic Animals

Concepts of animal behaviour. Behavioural ecology (learning, stimuli, feeding, communication, courtship and mating, migration, protection, territoriality, social organization, orientation, rhythms, hormones and pheromones). Case studies on behaviour of named...

MASC 328: Oceanography Practical II

Practical covering all core courses in Second Semester.

MASC 327: Oceanography Practical I

Practical covering all core courses in First Semester.

MASC 326: Oceanography Field Course

Field visits for practical exposure. Designing, planning and execution of scientific investigations in Oceanography. This may involve laboratory activities. Assessment is based on an oral presentation and submission of field reports.

MASC 325: Aquatic Plants

Identification and systematics. Structure and reproduction of the major groups (green, brown and red macroalgae). Zonation and factors affecting distribution of aquatic plants. Marine plants and their production (sea grasses and mangroves). Economic...