PHYS 144: Electricity and Magnetism


Electric Charge and Electric Field: Electric charge, Conductors, insulators and induced charges, Coulomb's law, Electric field and Electric forces, Charge distributions, Electric dipoles
Gauss’ Law: Charge and electric flux, Gauss’ Law, Application of Gauss’ Law
Electrical Potential: Electric potential energy and work, electric potential
Capacitance and Dielectrics: Capacitors (parallel plate capacitors, spherical, and cylindrical shaped capacitors) and dielectrics, Capacitors in series and parallel, Charging and discharging a capacitor, time constant, Energy storage in capacitors
Electric Current, Resistance and Direct-current circuits: Electric current, Resistivity and Resistance, Electromotive force and electric circuits, Energy and power in Electric circuits, Resistors in series and Parallel, Kirchoff’s Rules, Electrical measuring instruments

Magnetic Field and Magnetic Forces: Magnetic field, Magnetic field lines and Magnetic flux, Motion of charged particles in a magnetic field, Electric and magnetic fields acting together – application to velocity selectors, Magnetic force on a current-carrying conductor, Force and Torque on a current loop (a magnetic dipole moment)
Sources of Magnetic fields: Magnetic field of a moving charge, Magnetic field of a current element, Magnetic field of a straight current-carrying conductor, Force between parallel conductors, Magnetic field of a circular current loop, Ampere's law and its applications, Magnetic materials
Electromagnetic Induction: Faraday and Lenz's laws, Motional electromotive force, Induced electric fields, Eddy currents, Displacement current and Maxwell’s equations
Inductance: Mutual inductance, Self-induced inductance, Inductors and magnetic-field energy, R-L and L-C circuits, L-R-C series circuits
Alternating current: Phasors and alternating current, Resistance and reactance, L-R-C series circuit, Band-Pass filters, Power in alternating-current circuits, Power factor, Resonance in alternating-current circuits, Transformer