STAT 101: Introduction to Statistics

SAMP 101: Sample Course 1

Objective: The course is intended to introduce students to the importance of this sample course.

PHYS 144: Electricity and Magnetism

Electric Charge and Electric Field: Electric charge, Conductors, insulators and induced charges, Coulomb's law, Electric field and Electric forces, Charge distributions, Electric dipoles
Gauss’ Law: Charge and electric flux, Gauss...

PHYS 143: Mechanics and Thermal Physics

Properties of Vectors: Geometrical representation, multiplication (dot product and cross product), the three-dimensional Cartesian co-ordinate system, Components of a vector, Direction Cosines, Linear Independence, Magnitude of a vector,...

PHYS 106: Practical Physics II

PHYS 105: Practical Physics

MATH 122: Calculus I

Calculus is the mathematics of change and motion. This course develops the mathematics of change and the course MATH 124 will explicitly develop the mathematics of motion. In this course we address: limits and continuity of real valued functions of a single...

MATH 121: Algebra and Trigonometry

This course is a precalculus course aiming to develop the students ability to think logically, use sound mathematical reasoning and understand the geometry in algebra. It examines:logic and concept of mathematical proof; sequences and series; elementary set...

MATH 101: General Mathematics

Indices and Logarithms. Equations and inequalities. Functions and graphs. Arrangements and selections. Binomial theorem. Limits, differentiation and integration


In the second year, each student will make an oral presentation on the results of research undertaken. The student must also present a progress report midway into the second year. These will be assessed for 3 credits. Students are also expected to attend...