Welcome Message

It is with great pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Marine and Fisheries Sciences (MAFS) at the University of Ghana. The Department is Ghana’s foremost centre directly concerned with marine environmental research and training of fisheries scientists among her institutions of higher learning. Since its inception, the department has been running undergraduate, graduate and programmes; as well as short course in marine and fisheries sciences.  Staff and Faculty of the Department strive to provide a welcoming environment for teaching and learning whiles challenging students to be innovative and to hone skills needed to become a productive fisheries/marine scientist/coastal manager.

The Department is also involved in diverse projects varying from traditional marine/fisheries science research to multidisciplinary research that focus on resolving issues relating to food security, coastal management issues, improved marine environment resilience, aquaculture, marine geochemistry, ocean productivity, fisheries surveillance and monitoring coastal vulnerability assessment, etc.

We are ready to engage, collaborate, and partner with all relevant stakeholders in teaching, learning, research and advocacy roles.