Brief History

The Department of Marine and Fisheries Sciences is Ghana’s foremost and only centre directly concerned with oceanographic research and training of fisheries scientists among her institutions of higher learning. The department was established in 1962 by a statute of the University of Ghana, under the Aquatic Science Unit of the erstwhile Department of Zoology, now the Department of Animal Biology and Conservation Sciences.

However, academic programmes of the department commenced in 1998, when the first Head of Department (Prof. C. J. Vanderpuye) was appointed. Prior to June 2012, the department was known as Department of Oceanography and Fisheries. The renaming to Department of Marine and Fisheries Sciences was in response to the need for the department to adopt a holistic multi-disciplinary approach with broad interest in understanding the marine environment and human interactions with it. Over the years, the department has witnessed increasing enrolment of students, and this trend is expected to continue.