Rules And Regulations


  • Governing Laws

       I.  University of Ghana Act, 2010 (Act 806)

       II. Statute of the University of Ghana, May 2011


  • Guidelines and Policies

Some of the University’s policies are:

  1. Academic Quality Assurance Policy                                                                                                                                                       
  2. Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy 
  3. Code of Conduct for Academic Staff    
  4. Disciplinary Code (draft)
  5. Examination Regulations
  6. Financial Regulations and Governance  
  7. Guidelines for Agreements  for the University
  8. Guidelines on Application for University Land
  9. Guidelines for Authorised Contract Signatories.
  10. Guidelines for Obtaining Academic and/or Disciplinary Records on Students of the University of Ghana
  11. International Travel Policy      
  12. Policy Regulating the Placement of Advertisement
  13. Regulations for Junior Members
  14. Records Management and Archives Policy
  15. University of Ghana Policy on the Admission of Athlete Students
  16. University of Ghana Research Policy