Recent Developments


  1. AMA brought an action against UG Accra City Campus seeking recovery for property rates from 2007 to 2014.  Upon UG’s application, the matter was dismissed because UG as a public institution was exempted from paying property rates imposed by local any government authority.
  1. A Senior Member (Academic) appealed to the Appeals Board against the decision of the Appointments Board of the University not to promote him to the rank of Associate Professor. The Appeals Board ruled that pursuant to Paragraph 21 (1), of Schedule F of the Statutes of the University of Ghana, May 2011, the appellant ought to have exhausted all internal procedures before seeking an appeal. Therefore, the appellant was referred to the Appointments and Promotions Board for a review, before filing an appeal before the Appeals Board if he was dissatisfied with the said review.
  1. A parent of a pupil of the University of Ghana Basic School brought an application for the enforcement of the pupil’s fundamental human rights against UG’s Road User Restriction Policy. On 4th May, 2015 the Human Rights Courts upheld an objection raised by UG that the action of the Applicants was filed out of the time allowed by the Rules of Court. The Court further stated that its jurisdiction had not been properly invoked to hear the matter and accordingly dismissed the application. 
  1. A student of the University brought an action before the Supreme Court seeking a declaration that the road user fee imposed and collected by UG was unlawful. The court dismissed the matter on 16th July, 2015 stating that it did not have jurisdiction to hear the matter. This in its view was a case which should have been filed before the lower courts (High Court, Human Rights Division) and directed the Plaintiff to do so if he so wished.