Community Service

   1. Community Legal Support Services

The Office of the Legal Counsel (OLC) provides community legal support service to the members of the University. The service covers the making and execution of limited instruments which includes wills, statutory declarations and powers of attorney.


      Workshops & Training

The OLC organises workshops and training on various legal issues of interest to students, senior members and staff of the University. We also accept invitations to speak at orientations, workshops for student groups as well as disseminate information on common legal problems. 

We would thus encourage the University Community to send us their training needs at the beginning of each academic year to enable the OLC plan and organise the required training to meet the needs of the University Community.


  1. Student Legal Support Services

The OLC in association with and upon referral from the Careers and Counselling Centre assists students in resolving issues confronting them as students by providing needed advice and support.

The OLC also provides informational sessions on business startups to students. This is offered in collaboration with the Careers and Counselling Centre of the University.

The OLC provides the following services for students:

  • Answering questions, explaining the individual legal rights and responsibilities and describing available options. This counselling is privileged and confidential.
  • Negotiating on behalf of the student with other parties to a legal problem confronting them as students.
  • Advising students to seek the assistance of an external attorney where it relates to a dispute which is the subject of or likely to be the subject of litigation or other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism or where the issues are of a criminal nature. 

Legal Aid Scheme

The University of Ghana’s Office of the Legal Counsel (OLC) seeks to provide a range of legal services to all members of the University through a Legal Aid scheme. The scheme draws on the experiences from our in-house legal officers, lecturers from the school of law and lawyers from outside the University Community who may be willing to give free legal assistance to members of the University community.

The OLC being cognisant of the fact that there are various constituents or workers within the University community with similar and different legal challenges and needs provides this service to meet their unmet needs.

Target:            All members of the University Community namely Senior Members, Junior Members and Staff but especially for members who do not have sufficient financial means.

Duration:        A two (2) hour session free lawyer consultation to be held every quarter

Venue:            The venue for each session shall be advertised at the relevant times.

Areas:             Advice in the areas of consumer rights, domestic violence, family law, health, foreclosure, immigration, public benefits, utilities and tax, amongst others.

Nature of Services:   The form of the service to be provided will be on a case-by-case basis where several factors will be considered in determining whether free legal representation will be required or not.


Online Live & Out of Office Support

For Emergencies, Life Threatening Matters and out of Office Support when in danger.