Group Study Abroad Programmes

Experience the excitement of Ghanaian university life during the inter-semester break. Take courses with renowned faculty under our Group Study Abroad Programmes.

This programme is designed for student groups looking to have a brief study abroad in Ghana. It runs between December to January for the first semester and June to July for the second semester. Partner Universities can run their own pre-planned programme during this period upon payment of the relevant affiliation fees. We make available to such groups lecture halls, ICT services, Balme library and other University facilities.

International Programmes Office also structures suitable programmes (usually includes visits to tourist sites around the country) for institutions that wish to come here during the inter-semester breaks upon request.

Interested in the Group Study Abroad Programmes? Send an email to or


Wake Forest University
Queen's University
Central College
Harvard University
Alabama State University
Grand Valley State University
Duke University
State University of New York @ Cortland
Princeton University
University of Alberta
James Madison University
Marist College
Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)
Universities Study Abroad Consortium (USAC)


 Procedure For Institutions That Wish To Run Their Own Programmes