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Maxwell K. BILLAH

Qualifications: BSc MPhil PhD (Ghana)

Rank/Position: LECTURER
Specialization: Entomology, Biological Control, Applied Insect Taxonomy & Biosystematics
E-mail: mxbillah@ug.edu.gh

Research Activities/Interests
  • Studies on the systematics and biology of parasitic Hymenoptera and their use in biological control
  • Use of parasitoids in environmentally-safe management of crop pests
  • Morphometric comparison of biological control agents to establish their taxonomic status and the application of such knowledge in conservation
  • Monitoring and management of invasive species
Selected Publications
  • Abdullahi G, Obeng-Ofori, D, Afreh-Nuamah, K. and Billah M. K. (2011). Perception of Ghanaian mango farmers on the pest status and current management practices for the control of the African invader fly, Bactrocera invadens (Diptera: Tephritidae). New York Science Journal, 4(2): 74-80.
  • Abdullahi G, Obeng-Ofori, D, Afreh-Nuamah, K. and Billah M. K. (2011). Laboratory Evaluation of The Susceptibility of Adult African Invader Fly Bactrocera Invadens (Diptera : Tephritidae) To Nulure-Based Bait of Some Selected Insecticides Commonly Used By Mango Farmers In Ghana. Global Journal of Science Frontier Research, (11)1: 1-8.
  • Ekesi, S., Billah, M.K., Nderitu, P.W., Lux, S.A. and Rwomushana, I. (2009). Evidence of competitive displacement of the mango fruit fly, Ceratitis cosyra by the invasive fruit fly, Bactrocera invadens (Diptera: Tephritidae) on mango and mechanisms contributing to the displacement. Journal of Economic Entomology. 102(3): 981-991.
  • Ekesi, S. & Billah, M.K. (Eds.) (2009) A Field Guide to the Management of Economically Important Tephritid Fruit Flies in Africa. ICIPE Science Press, Nairobi, Kenya. 106 pp.
  • Billah, M.K., Kimani-Njogu, S. W., Overholt, W. A., Wharton, R. A., Wilson, D. D. & Cobblah, M. A. (2008) Cross mating studies of Psyttalia species (Hymenoptera: Braconidae): Potential implications for biological control of tephritid pests. BioControl, 53 (5): 709-724.
  • Billah, M.K., Kimani-Njogu, S. W., Wharton, R. A., Woolley, J. B. & D. Masiga (2008). Comparison of five allopatric fruit fly parasitoid populations (Psyttalia species) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) from coffee fields using morphometric and molecular methods. Bulletin of Entomological Research, 98 (1): 63-75.
  • Ekesi, S., Hanna, R., Billah, M.K, Goergen, G., Lux, S. A, Mohamed, S. A., Gnanvossou, D. & Vayssieres, J-F. (2008). The African Fruit Fly Initiative (AFFI): Developing and Introducing Affordable Technologies and Skills for Management of Fruit Flies in Africa. Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Fruit Flies of Economic Importance, September 10-15, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.
  • Ekesi, S., Lux, S.A. Billah, M. K. (2007). Field comparison of food-based synthetic attractants and traps for African tephritid fruit flies, pp. 205-222. In: Development of Improved Attractants and Their Integration into Fruit Fly SIT Management Programmes. Proceedings of a final Research Coordination Meeting by the Joint FAO/IAEA Programme of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture. Vienna, 5-7 May 2005.
  • Lux, S.A., Ekesi, S., Dimbi, S., Mohamed, S. & Billah, M.K. (2003). Mango-infesting fruit flies in Africa: Perspectives and limitations of biological approaches to their management, pp. 277-293. In: Neuenschwander, P., Borgemeister, C. & Langewald, J. (Eds.). Biological Control in IPM Systems in Africa CAB International, Wallingford, UK.

Courses Taught
  • BIOL 203: Introductory Animal Biology
  • BIOL 204: Plant and Animal Ecology
  • ZOOL 302: General Entomology
  • ZOOL 407: Population Ecology
  • ZOOL 402: Applied Entomology
  • BIOS 603: Population Ecology
  • Applied Insect Taxonomy
Student Supervision
  • Master of Philosophy (MPhil): 9
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc): 9

Relevant Information
  • Vast experience in field collection and identification of insects led to the first detection of the invasive fruit fly species, Bactrocera invadens in Africa and Ghana
  • Led two joint projects for the Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN and the International Atomic Energy Agency (FAO-IAEA), leading to the detection of a second invasive species, Bactrocera latifrons in Kenya.
  • Alumni Prize for Best Achiever Award in Postdoctoral Science on the 25th Anniversary of the African Regional Postgraduate Programme in Insect Science (ARPPIS) (2008).
  • Technical Advisor, National Fruit Fly Management Committee
  • Member, National Mealybug Survey Team


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