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The Department runs Single Major (3:2:1:1) and Major-Minor (3:2:2:1) programmes in Mathematics leading to the award of a BSc or BA degree in Mathematics depending on the entry background of the candidate.
In the Single Major programme, a student follows a programme prescribed by the Department of Mathematics. A major in the Major-Minor programme combines Mathematics with a second subject from either the Sciences or from the Humanities up to 300 level and then does only Mathematics at 400 level and a minor in the Major-Minor programme completes the mathematics component of his programme at 300 level.


The department offers M.Phil. in Pure Mathematics or in Mathematical Physics. The Pure Mathematics covers areas such as Group Theory, Functional Analysis, Lebesgue Measure Theory, Topology, Convexity, Differential Geometry, Manifolds and Boundary Value Problems.

The Applied Mathematics covers areas such as Modern Algebra in Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Classical Electrodynamics, Quantum Field Theory, and General Relativity.

Additional areas offered are Computational Mathematics, Mathematical Modelling, Number Theory and Operations Research.

The M. Phil programme comprises two semesters of taught courses, seminars and two semesters of research culminating in the production of a thesis.

There are opportunities for a PhD in Mathematics through a sandwich programme. This involves a student registering for the PhD locally and doing the research both locally as well as at the host institute of his external supervisor. Such students are supervised by a team consisting of both local and external faculties.


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