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The Faculty of Arts (FoA) is a foundational faculty of the University of Ghana. The disciplines in the FoA cover what are traditionally considered the humanities as well as the performing arts. At its inception, the FoA consisted of the following disciplines: Classics, Philosophy, English and Divinity. In the course of its history, other disciplines were introduced. Currently, the following disciplines exist in the FoA: Arabic, Chinese, Dance Studies, English, French, Linguistics, Music, Philosophy and Classics, Religions, Russian, Spanish, Swahili and Theater Arts.The departments of Dance Studies, Music and Theater Arts constitute the School of Performing Arts and all the Languages except English and French make up the Department of Modern Languages. In addition, the Language Centre, which runs the University's writing and English proficiency courses, is part of the faculty.

Each department runs bachelors and masters programmes; and the following have doctoral programmes as well: English, French, Linguistics, Music, Philosophy and Classics, Religions and Theater Arts. In terms of numbers, about 9,500 students offer courses run by departments in the faculty mostly as undergraduate students. Graduate students in the faculty make up about 2% of its total enrolment.

Over the years, many of the departments, through their teaching and research, have made great strides in terms of their graduate and research output. Internationally recognised research and creative outputs have come out of the various disciplines in the faculty, especially English, French, Linguistics, Music, Philosophy, Religions and Theater Arts. Faculty of Arts is proud of its history and committed to a future of excellence in its teaching and research programmes.


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