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Distance Learning
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This programme is run by the Institute of Continuing and DistanceEducation, Legon and its 10 Regional Centres (Workers’ Colleges).
Students will be supplied with all relevant  their study materials and will in addition have periodic meetings with Course Tutors at designated Study Centres.  All end-of-semester examinations will be conducted at the University of Ghana, Legon.  Entry will be at levels 100 and 200( Diploma Holders).
Programmes on offer are:
  1. Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  2. Bachelor of Science in Administration (B.Sc. Admin.) at Level 200 only.
For the moment subjects offered under the Bachelor of Arts Programme at Level 100 are: Economics, Geography and Resource Development, Linguistics, Psychology, Sociology Social Work, Information Studies, Political Science and History.

At Level 200 the subjects are: Economics, History, Geography and Resource Development, Linguistics, Psychology, Sociology, Information Studies, Social Work, Accounting Management (to be combined with any two of the following subjects: Psychology, Sociology, or Economics) and B.Sc. (Administration).
Course Delivery and Duration
Courses are delivered through supported distance education. There will be periodic meetings with course tutors at designated Study Centres.  End-of-semester examinations will however be conducted at the Legon Campus, University of Ghana.

1 Economics, Geography, History
2 Economics, Geography, Linguistics
3 Economics, Geography, Political Science
4 Psychology, Geography, History
5 Psychology, Geography, Linguistics
6 Psychology, Geography, Political Science
7 Sociology, Geography, History
8 Sociology, Geography, Linguistics
9 Sociology, Geography, Political Science
10 Economics, Information Studies, History
11 Economics, Information Studies, Linguistics
12 Economics, Information Studies, Political Science
13 Psychology, Information Studies, History
14 Psychology, Information Studies, Linguistics
15 Psychology, Information Studies, Political Science
16 Sociology, Information Studies, Political Science
17 Sociology, Information Studies, Linguistics
18 Sociology, Information Studies, Information Studies
19 Sociology, Social Work, History
20 Sociology, Social Work, Linguistics
21 Sociology, Social Work, Political Science


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