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Ghana Journal of Geography
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The Ghana Journal of Geography

The Journal was constituted in 1958 as the Bulletin of the Ghana Geographical Association. It was the mouthpiece of geographers in the country’s universities, secondary schools and public service organisations. Initially majority of contributions came from the proceedings of the annual conference of the association. Gradually, it became internationally known and led to several contributions from other African, European and American geographers.
Due to financial constraints the ability to sustain annual publications was curtailed and led to intermittent breaks with several years without publications.
This situation was abated by collaborative research work with sister universities overseas such as the Norwegian University of Science and Technology which funded the printing of the journal from NUFU projects for a period of 5 years.
Subsequently, the Department Of Geography And Resource Development of the University of Ghana sourced funding from the TALIF fund to improve and build capacity of graduate students and young staff in the field of research and publication countrywide. Funding from TALIF has been used to continue publication of the journal under a new name ‘Ghana Journal of Geography’. This name was agreed upon by the association at two meetings, the first in the Geography department in Legon, from where the idea was born and accepted. We then proposed the name change and rationale to the national level where it was accepted unanimously by all members representing the various regions and educational institutions.
In order to enhance the visibility and quality of the newly named journal, an international editorial advisory board was constituted. Also, the journals reviewer database now includes several geographers from Norway, Germany, England, Netherlands, the USA and the Ghanaian diaspora. Contributions are from Ghanaian researchers in the social sciences and also from other African universities such as Nigeria and Botswana, the USA, Europe and the Ghanaian diaspora.
We have since published two volumes of the newly named journal: volume 1 in 2009 and volume 2 in 2010. The third volume is under compilation, but unfortunately will be faced with funding challenges for printing.
Alternatively, the editors have been considering the idea of online publishing to overcome the current unsustainable paper-based model. It is therefore a relief and welcome news that Routledge and UNISA are proposing to partner the University of Ghana in joint publishing of local journals.


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