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2013 Seminar on University Management Held at UGpdf print preview print preview
The 2013 Seminar on University Management has been held at the Great Hall of the University of Ghana. The theme for this year's seminar was "Becoming a World Class University: The Role of the Registrary". About 160 Senior Administrative and Professional Staff as well as representatives from TEWU and FUSSAG participated in the two day seminar.

Mr. J.M. Budu, Registrar

In opening remarks, the Registrar of the University, Mr. J.M.Budu, said the University is relying on Senior Administrative and Professional Staff to provide quality leadership at all levels. He was hopeful that the seminar will equip participants with the needed skills to enable all contribute their quota to the University's goal of achieving world class status.

Mr. J.M. Budu later gave an overview of a UNESCO study on governance reforms in selected African Universities. He noted that the study focused on the interface between the 2007 internal reforms of the University of Ghana and the national legal and educational framework of Ghana as well as lessons in higher education management. It focused largely on the Visitation Panel process that the University has undergone from 2007, and the responses of selected respondents on perceptions of change.

Mrs. Mercy Haizel Ashia, Director of HRODD

The Director of the Human Resource and Organisation Development Directorate (HRODD), Mrs. Mercy Haizel-Ashia made a presentation on the topic, "Realigning the Core Business of the Registrary in the Strategic Plan of the University of Ghana".

She traced the steps the University had taken over the past years to develop a strategic plan spanning 2013-2020. She noted that each unit of the University would need to factor their activities into the broad strategic plan of the University.

There were plenary discussions after each of the presentations, at which participants asked questions and made comments on the various presentations. There was also a break-out session which provided an opportunity for participants to discuss the various strategic priorities of the strategic plan.

The second day of the seminar saw a presentation by the Director of HRODD, Mrs. Mercy Haizel-Ashia on the topic, "Going Collegiate: Creating an Efficient and Effective Administrative Response". She outlined the expectations of Senior Administrative and Professional Staff under the collegiate system. The various Directorates outlined their plans on how they intend to function under the collegiate system.

In closing remarks, the Vice-Chancellor of the University Prof. Ernest Aryeetey described the seminar as a great initiative by the Registrar, to prepare Administrators for the transformation taking place. He noted that the suggestions proffered by participants were not different from proposals made by Council. Prof Aryeetey cautioned that the functions should be guided by a set of principles, namely, shortening the lines of communication in decision-making, reduction in unit costs and a focus on a more effective delivery of services.
The Registrar, Mr. J.M. Budu was grateful to all for participating in the seminar and thanked all who assisted in the preparations for the seminar. He noted that the outcomes of the seminar would be put together in a communiqué. Mr. Budu, whose tenure as Registrar ends on July 31, 2013, used the opportunity to introduce the incoming Registrar, Mrs. Mercy Haizel-Ashia, to participants.

Some participants in group discussions

Date Published: 15/07/2013
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